I Love A Good Conspiracy Theory: LOTRO Forums Hacked?

Nothing says loving like a hot conspiracy bun in the oven, I always say. If you use the Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons forums, you’ve likely noticed that Turbine has taken them down due to an unspecified issue:

We have identified a potential issue in the forum system.  As a precautionary measure we have disabled our forums while we investigate.  We will bring the forums back online when we complete our work.  We thank you for your patience.

In all honesty, and given the unseen amount of people who work to crack forum software, this will likely turn into a vulnerability issue. If my assumption is correct, they wouldn’t be the first forum knocked out today (my favorites list shows three fan sites down due to a breach of security). But the important thing is that Turbine is able to do damage control and get the forums back into a working state. is reporting that the servers have indeed been breached, via SQL injection, although there has been no confirmation from Turbine. Reportedly this issue stems from some poorly assembled coding used to transition Codemasters customers over to Turbine’s service.

While the Turbine forums are down, why not browse the third party forums and take in the conspiracy theorists?

I found it amusing that just after they added the thread saying they want to hire new developers that the forums mysteriously were brought off line

I love the idea of the ex-employee happening to be a skilled and vengeful hacker. It’s like a murder-revenge story, but suitably nerdy.

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2 Responses to “I Love A Good Conspiracy Theory: LOTRO Forums Hacked?”

  1. DAWG says:

    Yeah, I noticed the DDO forums are down and when you try to access the forums from DDO it states that you should change our password, so its not just lotro users. Its funny because when such things happen companies usually don’t state it to the public or wait until the last minute where they pretty much have to to inform us, this must have been going on for a while for them to actually state that, Turbine isn’t exactly known for being prompt.

    I wonder how many accounts got their information compromised, just because you don’t get hacked doesn’t mean they don’t have your password. Word to the wise: Turbines costumer support is garbage(actually, calling it garbage might be a complement), do change the password because if your items get deleted and your items transferred, turbine refuses to roll back to a date where you had everything(they claim they are unable to actually), all they will do is restore the character but not his gear.

  2. Randomer says:

    Apparently a German kid found a backdoor to everyones acount details passwords etc , and although he reported it right away it took turbine almost 2 week to do anything about it, so who knows how many other people managed to get in there. A couple of people on my server have had their accounts hacked yesterday too, both popular pro players so im guessing its someone who knows the server(‘s).