I Love Kickstarter Fraud: World History Online


I Love Kickstarter Fraud is one of my favorite segments here at MMO Fallout, because I’ve said many times that if Kickstarter can be depended on for at least one thing, it is a collection of scams about as subtle as a moving freight train, and about as difficult to avoid. Case in point, let’s look at today’s Kickstarter scam: World History Online. I know what you’re thinking, first of all: Omali, why are you using a cutout of this wallpaper from Rose Online to talk about another game? Easy, birdies.

World History Online wants to be as educational as school, by which I assume they’re referring to a school on copyright infringement or a school for sociopaths. But no, World History Online wants to put history knowledge in your brain so subtly, you won’t even notice that you learned about how hamburgers in the US were dubbed “liberty steaks” during World War II because the former sounded too German. Did I just teach that to you, or did you already know it? You certainly can’t tell.

  • Each map has a history lesson you wont even notice that you learn something in history because the game is just too much fun to pay attention to boring history lessons!

WHO also has monsters, and not just the gelatinous, three-legged monsters that ravaged Moscow during the great Borsch revolt of 1573. It also has clans, parties, rare items, and skills. Now, World History Online has been in development for ten years, totally we swear, and what does no-company-name have to show for it? A piece of a wallpaper from Rose Online and some gameplay footage from Rose Online. Naturally.

Now, you may be thinking: “that is clearly Rose Online.” Luckily the game’s creator, Renan Rocha, chimed in to point out that WHOG just looks and plays a lot like Rose Online. Just nevermind the fact that the window’s header is conveniently cut off, and that the location in-game is clearly Canyon City of Zant, with all of its inhabitants, and the gameplay is clearly Rose Online. It’s not Rose Online, you sheep.

I already said this game is going to be open sources Its not Rose online at all! Rose online is pretty simular but its not Rose online sorry you felt like you were being ripped off.

Sadly, World History Online will fall short of its $6,500 goal, bringing in a total of $11 at the time of this publishing. On the other hand, I have to admire Renan Rocha following my royal use of the word “we,” which means “I’m the only person on this team.”

(Source: Kickstarter)

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