Impressions: Defiance Arkbreaker


I managed to get some time in playing through the Arkbreaker DLC for Defiance, and I came out less disappointed than the Castithan pack DLC. I had a hard time completing the first DLC arenas because the timers were randomly breaking at launch, and I believe still are to this day. The Arkbreaker DLC introduces a laundry list of new content, including stims, spikes, a new mission line, arkfall events, weapons, and more.

There are new consumables added into the game in the form of spikes and stims. The spikes are like totems from other MMOs, you stick them in the ground and they give area of effect buffs to you and your allies. Stims are injected and offer similar buffs. They are consumable and you can only have a maximum of five of each particular type at any given time. What I really like about these items is that Trion has made it so you can only have one of each type in your inventory. If you find any more of the same type, it replenishes your stack, and if you find a higher quality version of the same thing it will replace the lower quality version. So if I get a higher tier ammunition spike, it will replace the one I have on me now. This sounds limiting, and you are limited to ten of each spike, but it makes the inventory less cluttered.


The ability to favorite items and protect them from accidental salvage is a great addition, as is the inclusion of daily contract missions on the main map. The new Arkfalls are enclosed shooting galleries, there isn’t much to them outside of shooting a bunch of Volge and then fighting the Warmaster. The Warmaster itself is difficult, a giant tank with a lot of health. My group filled up the area and still couldn’t bring him down below 25% health before time ran out and he disappeared. Still managed to get a few decent weapons.

I am not impressed by Trion’s decision to make grenades consumable. Had they done this from the start, it probably wouldn’t be an issue, but they run out fast and are a pain to refill. Changing it this far into the game just feels like a step backward. Much like the first pack of DLC, I also can’t help but feel like there isn’t much to justify the price. Most of the content is available regardless of if you actually buy the DLC, and I can’t help but feel that the $40 I spent toward the season pass is going to waste. The world is as tiny as it ever was, even smaller since Trion split the map and threw in a loading screen. The company seems more dedicated to filling an already cramped world with more stuff, rather than taking the logical approach and expanding it as people have been requesting since launch.

As an update, Arkbreaker offers some nice content, but with most of it being given for free, it’s hard to justify spending the ten dollars.

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