Interplay Circling The Drain: Project V13 In Jeopardy

Fallout Online, or Project V13, or the Fallout MMO, or “that MMO that is never being released” as it is known in my parts of the neighborhood. Whatever you call it, players have already taken sides in the Bethesda Interplay lawsuit, based on who they would rather see win and develop the Fallout MMO. To bring you up to speed, Interplay sold the rights to Fallout to Bethesda, on the terms that Interplay would retain the rights to an MMO and begin development with something to show by 2009.

In September 2009, Bethesda launched a lawsuit against Interplay to retrieve the rights to the MMO. After multiple back and forth bickering, the judge granted Interplay the right to continue working on the MMO, and last we heard (January 11th), Bethesda was trying to make the claim that they only licensed the name for Fallout, not any of the concepts (apocalypse) or characters or themes. You see, Bethesda did the licensing under the impression Interplay wouldn’t make a Fallout style shooter MMO, but instead some completely other genre of MMO, an argument that wouldn’t fool the standing judge of the county of Gullibility.

Well, much like Stargate Worlds, this MMO may come to an end simply through the art of bankruptcy. I’m guessing the sales from Fallout and Baldur’s Gate on Good Old Games aren’t doing enough to keep the cash flowing, because Interplay posted a cash balance below $3000 USD, and a capital deficit of over $3 million. They went on to note that if the financial situation doesn’t change soon, the company will either go into bankruptcy or be forced to sell off (I’m guessing to Bethesda again).

I’m not one to call doom and gloom, but if you didn’t see this coming you weren’t paying enough attention. Project V13 never had much of a chance in Interplay’s hands, being a company that can barely keep out of debt trying to pull off one of the most expensive genres of video games is a recipe for bankruptcy from day one. At this point, Cartoon Network’s Fusion Fall has a better looking financial future.

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