IPE: Romine V Sterling Lawsuit Dismissed With Prejudice

The lawsuit by ex-Steam developer James Romine against Youtube personality James Stanton (Jim Sterling) looks like it is officially over, as Romine has presented stipulation for dismissal. The lawsuit, which started more than a year ago, has been dismissed with prejudice, meaning Romine cannot bring the same charges by the same evidence back into court again, ever. As part of the dismissal, Romine has also agreed to stop filing frivolous DMCA takedown notices against Sterling’s videos without first considering fair use.

Plaintiff agrees to forever refrain from directly or indirectly filing against Defendant any cause of action arising from the same facts or circumstances alleged in the Amended Complaint. Plaintiff also agrees to refrain from taking action against Defendant’s business, such as sending DMCA takedown notices, without first considering whether Defendant is engaged in fair use of a copyright under 17 U.S.C. § 107, as required under federal law and Lenz v. Universal Music Corp., 801 F.3d 1126 (9th Cir. 2015).

(Source: Court files)

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7 Responses to “IPE: Romine V Sterling Lawsuit Dismissed With Prejudice”

  1. thegreatpumpkinking says:

    breakout the popcorn it’s over

  2. Even Luck says:

    Thank you for covering this whole mess, it’s been a goddamn whirlwind. Wow.

    • Connor says:

      I’m completely fine with retiring the In Plain English section for a good year or so after this. Reading through relatively the same 78 page piece being edited on a regular basis is mentally exhausting.

  3. ImaLemming says:

    Jim’s lawyer is an absolute genius if he was able to get Romine to agree to any deal that wasn’t completely in Romine’s favor.

  4. Kelleric Longstar says:

    I can’t pretend that I didn’t see this coming. Their case was too weak and they didn’t have evidence that proved Jim was in the wrong. The only thing managed to do is waste the judges time. I’m just happy it’s finally over.

  5. Chato Maltés says:

    Glad that all this mess was over. But before closing this embarrasing chapter in internet history, I would like to thank you, MMO Fallout, for keeping us updated in this whole story during all this months. Because of Sterling doing the logical and keeping the silence until just recently, you were the main source of information for some of us who were curious of how the lawsuit was going. So thank you a lot! 🙂

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