It’s Official, PUBG Corp Is Suing Epic Games

It’s official, PUBG Corp has filed a copyright lawsuit against Epic Games according to Korea Times. After previously mulling further action for a genre that it did not create and does not own, at least not in the legal view of the United States or Europe, PUBG has officially filed a complaint against Epic Games. In Korea. The firm has filed an injunction and alleging copyright infringement in the Seoul Central District Courts.

PUBG Corp already has an active lawsuit going against NetEase, one that includes claims of ownership over concepts like frying pans as a weapon. While very concerned with the idea of others stealing concepts that they claim ownership of, PUBG has had run ins itself with theft, including plagiarizing a community ad for its game as well as several employees from Bluehole Studios being sentenced to prison for stealing from NCSoft.

(Source: Korea Times)

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