Jagex Celebrates International Women’s Day With Reddit AMA

Jagex is kicking off International Women’s Day with a Reddit Ask Me Anything.

“We’d love to inspire more women to join the games industry and we’re excited to talk about all the different and awesome skills that are needed to make video games! As such, we are from all sectors within the business from HR and Recruitment to Development and Marketing – you can see all of our roles below!”

  • JagexAethra – Project Manager
  • JagexDio – Systems Engineer
  • JagexET – Senior HR Business Partner
  • JagexGee – Old School RuneScaper Junior Character Artist
  • JagexGemini – Localisation Team Leader (Portuguese)
  • JagexIlly – Data Scientist (Helping out)
  • JagexJZ – Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • JagexJam – QA Analyst
  • JagexLottie – Senior Product Analyst
  • JagexLuna – Publishing Partner Manager
  • JagexMarie – Senior Systems Designer
  • JagexMathilda – Localisation Specialist (French)
  • JagexMaylea – RuneScape Content Developer
  • JagexMaz – RuneScape and Old School Training and Developer Lead
  • JagexMeadows – Community Management (I’m a guy, this was something I suggested and championed – so I’m here for moderation!)
  • JagexMohawk – Senior Technical Developer
  • Jagex_Noodles – Customer Support Specialist
  • JagexOsman – Head of Business Development
  • JagexRads – Campaign Executive

Source: Reddit

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