Jagex Still Yet To File Yearly Financial Statements


Jagex is behind on their financial statements: Over two months. The UK based developer was required to submit its annual filing on September 30th, according to Companies House, something that they have yet to do heading into late December. Stellar Dawn Central, a fan website for Jagex’s recently indefinitely delayed MMO Stellar Dawn, posted a response from Companies House on what could result if Jagex does not file their annual income within a reasonable date:

“If a company files its accounts late they may be subject to a late filing penalty. However if a company fails to file an annual return (AR01), depending on the communication received from the company (or lack of it) the company can be removed by the Registrar (loses its limited liability status) or the directors could be prosecuted. This is a general response and each situation (company) is dealt with separately.”

This shouldn’t be taken as some sort of ulterior motive on Jagex’s part. Commonly the reason why annual filings would be delayed is due to an issue with the company and their third party accounting firms.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Jagex claims ‘most successful year’ despite late financial report

    “Jagex now has three months to file their accounts – which they have said they plan to do so soon – or the company will be dissolved. This means they will be struck off as a legal limited company should they not do so.”