Jagex Will Shut Down FunOrb In August

It’s been eight years since Jagex ceased development of FunOrb, and the developer this week announced that the service will be coming to an end later this year. The decision, according to the announcement, comes down to changes in hardware and software leading to FunOrb’s library of games becoming increasingly difficult to access.

Over the next 3 months we’ll be slowly winding down FunOrb. After 8th of May 2018 it will no longer be possible to purchase new FunOrb membership, and after 14th of May 2018 it will not be possible to create new FunOrb accounts. However, we’re not turning the lights out just yet. To make sure that everyone has a chance to enjoy these games one last time, we’ll be keeping the servers online until 7th of August 2018.

Membership will cease to renew after May 8, and players with combined memberships with RuneScape will need to choose a new membership option. FunOrb was launched in 2008 as a mini-game portal and remained active for nearly two years until Jagex ceased development of new titles in early 2010. The website has remained in maintenance mode since then.

(Source: FunOrb)

Additional fun fact: I ran one of the two main FunOrb fan websites, solidified in carbon here.

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