Jagged Alliance Online To Sunset November 30


Jagged Alliance Online: Reloaded is the latest victim of online-only games, as developer/publisher Cliffhanger Productions announced last week that the servers will come down in November. Initially launched into open beta way back in 2012, developed by Cliffhanger Productions and published at the time by Gamigo. In 2015, the game was rebooted on Steam, now self-published by Cliffhanger, for a base asking price.

“It is with great regret, that we have to announce the servers for JAO will be closing by end of November and the game will cease to exist. We kept the game running for as long as we could – for a long time now it cost us more than we earned- but unfortunately we don’t have the means to continue to do so any more.”

Cliffhanger Productions is currently advertising its next title set for launch this fall: Jagged Alliance: Rage! Rage is a spinoff set 20 years after the first Jagged Alliance. As for Jagged Alliance Online, the game has been sitting at single digit average player counts for well over two years now.

(Source: Steam)

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