Kartuga Is Dead: InnoGames Shutting It Down


In the line of quality, the MMO Kartuga ranks on InnoGame’s list somewhere between “good enough to monetize” but below “good enough to finish development.” Sure, Kartuga was already asking for money, but that doesn’t mean that its publishers have any plans to see it through to completion. You should know this by now, stalwart MMO gamers. Kartuga joins the growing list of MMOs being shut down mid-beta due to a sudden realization that the game isn’t up to par, or due to changes in direction. In this case, InnoGames has decided to focus on cross-platform games and did not consider Kartuga worth the investment to continue developing.

The game offers stunning graphics and intriguing PvP with great potential, but we came to the conclusion that Kartuga does not live up to the high standards of quality we strive for. Moreover, the game does not fit into our strategy of cross-platform games. We believe that the time and work that would be needed in order to improve the game would have delayed our attempts to create truly great cross-platform-games, and whether or not all issues could be fixed in a timely manner is uncertain.

InnoGames will not be offering any form of compensation or refund for players who feel their money may have been wasted on this endeavor, however unspent gems can be exchanged for other InnoGames products until August 14th.

(Source: InnoGames)

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