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After several months of rehab from Kickstarter, I think it’s safe to talk about some of the MMOs that are seeking funding without opening my wallet and throwing heaps of cash into them. It’s been a pretty interesting past few months for Kickstarter in all respects, including that of the MMO world. If you haven’t been paying attention, Greed Monger made good on its funding goal of $30 thousand, at over $90 thousand raised altogether. Greed Monger is an interestingly named title that focuses on crafting, economics, and politics. Inspired by Ultima Online, Greed Monger brings back some much underused MMO features including non-instanced player housing. The game will be free to play and supported by the purchasing of houses. Players buy parcels of land on which they can build whatever they want. The kickstarter is long over, but you can still check out the features at its funding page.

I’m joking. I’m not even one paragraph into this and I’ve already dropped $50.


Emperor’s Forge has a pretty interesting concept: Players divide into cities of up to 50 players, all competing for the Viceroy title to lead the city. Cities can form together and then form a country. The goal of all of this is to name someone King or Queen of the kingdom (or queendom?). Once a player is named king, he can actually be killed by players of warring factions, who will instate their own leader as the new king/queen. Players level up by gaining nobility ranks, and the higher a player’s nobility the more features they have access to. Emperor’s Forge will allow players to own houses, set up shops and hire NPCs to staff them, as well as soldiers, and more.

The Emperor’s Forge Kickstarter has until February 4th to hit $80,000. The game will be free to play and available on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices.

(Kickstarter Page)


Unless Xsyon gets some last minute funding, it looks like the Kickstarter is going to fall short of its goal. Xsyon’s Kickstarter ends on January 1st, and so far has only accumulated $6 thousand of the $250 thousand goal. Xsyon is live, and you can check out the game for yourself on the free to play server. Xsyon is a sandbox MMO where everything is player-crafted, from the equipment to the buildings. Set up in tribes and build yourself a compound, go out and kill wild animals (or players) for their precious goods and use them to craft even more equipment with which to kill more animals and players. Set up trade routes, level your skills, and help the new world rise from the ashes of nuclear apocalypse.

(Kickstarter Page)


Haven’t we seen Pathfinder here before? The answer is yes, we have. The previous Pathfinder Kickstarter project was for a tech demo of the full product. The latest Kickstarter, asking for $1 million dollars, has accumulated over $400,000 with 26 days to go as of this writing. Pathfinder is an upcoming MMO based on the Pathfinder pen and paper RPG. It will be a sandbox game with a focus on player interaction, be it in the form of politics, diplomacy, economics, warfare, and exploration. Otherwise, the Kickstarter page offers much more detail on what reward tiers are available than what the game will actually encompass.

(Kickstarter Page)

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