Kickstarter: The Repopulation

The Repopulation currently has 27 days to go (until July 2nd) and has reached nearly nine thousand of its twenty five thousand dollar goal. Sandbox MMO? You have my attention. Player-created cities ala Star Wars Galaxies? You have my money. Three faction PvP with territory conquest ala Dark Age of Camelot? You have my pledge.

The Repopulation displays itself as all about the players. Quests are generated, tailored specific to each player, with branching outcomes that alter how the world reacts to the player. Cities elect their own mayor, advancement is accomplished through a skill based system rather than overall levels, and the game has equal focus on crafting and combat.

The game will also feature engagements, similar to what you may have seen in Tabula Rasa, where (for example) enemy mobs may raze a village and burn it to the ground, resulting in the quest givers and merchants not being available.

There is a lot more to this MMO than I can explain here, and you can read up about it on the Kickstarter website.

(source: Kickstarter)

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