Kickstarters For You: Pathfinder Online

Pathfinder Online has been featured here at MMO Fallout several times, mostly to discuss the more hardcore routes that the themepark/sandbox hybrid would like to take. From old Everquest corpse runs to bounty systems and everything in between, Pathfinder is the dream of some well known names in the gaming  and role playing businesses. From CEO Ryan Scott Dancey (Chief Marketing Officer at CCP Games) to Lisa Stevens (Vampire The Masquerade), Mark Kalmes (City of Heroes) and a guy named Richard Baker (3rd edition of some indie pen and paper game called Dungeons and Dragons), Pathfinder Online is bringing together all of the big names to hopefully put out the best MMO on the market.

However names don’t pay the bills, and allegedly neither do pictures of seven legged spiders. So Pathfinder Online is on Kickstarter (see: Title), and needs your dosh. The goal to meet is $50,000 by Friday, June 8th. You can head over to the Kickstarter page linked below for a trailer and much more information as to the game itself, including some cool rewards for pledging your lods of emone.

Remember: Kickstarter is a method for aspiring companies to get funding and start out on a closer relationship with their consumers. Your pledge will not be charged until the Kickstarter fund ends (June 8th in this case), and if the goal is not reached you will not be billed at all.

Kickstarter Page

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