Lessons From 2013 #7: Taking Threats Seriously


Am I the only one who has noticed that stupid people have a habit of doing stupid things? Case in point? Back in 2007, teenagers on Long Island started a fad of running into fences to knock them over. Every once in a while you hear on the news that someone called a bomb threat to a school or business as a joke. Stupid? Yes. Dangerous? Maybe. Liable to ruin your future? Absolutely.

Earlier this year, a gamer in RuneScape learned just that lesson when police showed up at his house to arrest him over a threat made in-game. In addition to multiple anti-Semitic comments, Thomas Frongillo reportedly also said “I’m shooting up my school tomorrow.” Frongillo was arrested and charged with threatening to commit a crime and threatening a bombing or hijacking. He contested that it was just a harmless jest.

The moral of the story is nothing. The people who need to be told that saying “I’m going to shoot up my school” is a stupid idea aren’t going to pay attention anyway.

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