Let’s Talk The Future of MMO Fallout

Before we begin: MMO Fallout isn’t shutting down, I’m not going away, nobody else is taking over, I’m not selling the domain. I’m burying the lead with this note but I personally don’t like when other publications/people start with this headline and then make you read an entire article to find out if it is their farewell address. This isn’t my farewell address.

One concept I’ve maintained over the years with MMO Fallout is complete transparency, I promised that if this website ever attained the kind of revenue that would allow me to peruse the dollar menu at McDonald’s that this website would for all intent and purpose (barring that in a legal capacity) become a completely transparent organization. I haven’t had to do this because, as I’ve said numerous times, MMO Fallout doesn’t generate revenue. I’ve briefly considered starting a Patreon a few times in the past, mostly after viewers suggested it, but I can definitely say that the chances of that happening at this point are about 0%, and I don’t say that with the same kind of certainty as when your favorite MMO says “we are definitely not shutting down” only to file for bankruptcy yesterday.

This also isn’t headed down the road of “I’m not starting a Patreon, but here’s other ways to send me money/stuff.”

Over the past month or two I’ve been busy, and you may have noticed a shift in content because I definitely have noticed a shift in traffic. I haven’t been so forward in talking about this because I don’t like discussing my personal life, but I think it’s important enough to warrant a conversation.

I’m going to law school, or more specifically right now I’m currently studying for the Law School Admissions Test which is going very well, with the intention of going to law school starting as early as this fall. Is this why there’s been more of a focus on industry legalities over the past few months? To tell the truth, the latter had more of an influence on the former, as well as my continuing discussion with the MMO Fallout legal team over the past couple of years. Yes, my comments on having lawyers are not facetious. They’re great lawyers, they have given me a lot of information on avoiding trouble while also defending this website against multiple threats over the past nine years years.

So what does this mean for MMO Fallout? At least until my test in June, I’ll be pushing less content. A lot less. In fact, I’ll likely focus on the kind of pieces that are less deadline-intensive and keep the breaking news to a minimum of topics that are of tangible importance (big announcements and stories) over the kind of things that this website has generally avoided out of lack of time and resources, like covering every game’s patch notes. Things I can work on late at night to release the following day and not worry about being old news by that point.

I may also start accepting more guest posts, as I have admittedly been hesitant to do in the past and has been suggested to me numerous times by readers.

This website isn’t going anywhere, although I will have to apologize to the people who have no doubt grown weary of my increasingly delayed responses via email. I am still here and MMO Fallout is still a labor of love that will be around long after nobody is still reading it.

Other than that I have no opinion on the matter.

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