Lineage II Cancels Hero Coin Resets

Lineage II players by now are used to the annual reset, an event that takes place every January and resets your Hero Coins. As it turns out, the reset has been causing a great deal of frustration and confusion in the community, and NCSoft has taken notice.

In an announcement posted to the official website, NCSoft has announced that the annual reset will be going away starting this year, meaning there won’t be a reset in January 2017 or afterward. As a result of the change, there will be alterations made to the hero coin store. Details will be coming in the future as to those changes.

Hero Coins in Lineage II are accumulated by buying and spending NCoin, the cash shop currency.

Our thoughts: I have a feeling that costs are going to rise for items in the Hero Coin store now that NCSoft has a reasonable expectation that the amount on hand is universally increasing.

(Source: NCSoft)

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