Lineage II Joins Aion In Automatic Block List Maintenance


Mark this as a feature that all MMOs should adopt. For as long as online games have had gold farmers or abuse players, and ignore lists that are capped in how many people can be blocked, there has been the drudgery of spring cleaning said ignore list. Wouldn’t it just be easier for the game to automatically remove players who have been permanently banned, saving you the trouble of unblocking someone only to have them start harassing you again? NCSoft thinks so, and back in November Aion was treated to an update where the game now performs weekly sweeps of block lists, automatically removing any characters that have been removed from the game.

In the patch notes for March 13th’s server maintenance, Lineage II is following suit with its own implementation:

Block List Removal begins. Any characters that were banned since last week and were on your block list will be automatically removed during the maintenance. This will be a recurring process every week.

Maintenance should last about four hours.

(Source: Lineage II)

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