Lineage II Top Reward Costs $200k Within A Year


As I always start these types of articles: If you are the type of person who is willing to spend five or six figures in a video game, why not take a little bit of that money and invest it in something more sensible, like MMO Fallout? Everyone wins. You get to keep spending insane amounts of cash on virtual goods, and we have more capability to tell you where you can spend a lot of money. Lineage II has revealed the hero coin program, allowing players to earn rewards for the simple act of spending their cash. The way the system works is simple: For every 80 NCoin you spend in Lineage II, you receive one Hero Coin that can be saved up and spent on items in the reward store.

Here’s where the deal gets controversial. First, Hero Coins only accumulate on the character that the item was redeemed on. Secondly, Hero Coins expire on the following January 1st of every year. There are items on the cash shop that translate into well over $30 thousand being spent on the game in a single year, with the most expensive item going over three hundred grand. You can laugh and, when you come to the realization that at least one person will hit that transaction mark, slowly dissolve into tears.

(Source: Lineage II)

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2 Responses to “Lineage II Top Reward Costs $200k Within A Year”

  1. I just have to clarify. The top reward requires you to have spent two hundred thousand US dollars in order to earn enough Hero Coins? When I saw that over at Massively, I figured that they must have mis-read something.

    • Connor Wack says:

      Yes. Figure there’s a Dark Amaranthine Weapon Pack that is 375,000 Hero Coins. 1 coin per 80 NCoin spent on items of 80 NCoin or above equals out to 30 million NCoin, minus 10% if every item you buy is above 800 NCoin. The largest package of NCoin you can buy is 8000 for $100. That works out to 3750 packs of NCoins at the “best deal.”

      Final price: $375,000. In one year.