Log Into Trove For A Free Class This Weekend

2015-07-08 195914

To compensate players for recent downtime, Trion Worlds is handing out another free class coin to anyone who logs in between now and midnight Pacific Sunday night. The downtime stemmed from a seemingly simple database upgrade that went awry, forcing the game offline for several hours and requiring that Trion rollback the servers to earlier in the morning.

Thankfully, credits and cubits were returned to players who had purchased and subsequently lost them during that period.

We’ve returned the Credits and Cubits to everyone who made purchases. We also made sure all real money purchases got their goods. Some people might even get double since we wanted to be extra careful. The only exception is the Credit deals (i.e., if you got Credits plus lures or pinatas) in those cases we couldn’t give you the bonus items, so we gave you +50% Credits instead.

This is the second free class coin handed out since Trove went free to play.

(Source: Trion Worlds)

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