Loki Joins Marvel Heroes Omega, Plus 25% Gs Sale

The number of playable characters hits 44 as Loki joins the cast in Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4 and Xbox One. Loki is currently available exclusively through a $20 pack, and will be available to purchase with Gs or with eternity splinters in one month (the website says Black Bolt).

With an ensemble of spells ranging from arcane magic and illusionary tactics to powers of ice and fire, Thor’s half-brother has the goods to cause plenty of damage in battle. Loki’s default costume echoes his classic comic book look, and players who purchase him also have access to a much younger look for the character from his LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD series.

In addition, G packs are on sale at 25% off for console.

(Source: Marvel Heroes)

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