Lost City of Omu Update Hits Neverwinter In February

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that the next Neverwinter expansion will drop on February 27 on PC. Lost City of Omu continues the story where Tomb of Annihilation left off, pitting adventurers against the evil lich Acererak (are there any other kind of liches?)

The expansion introduces new adventure zones, an endgame trial, expands the Tomb of Annihilation campaign, and even features a giant undead T-Rex. Players of all stripes will be happy to hear that the leveling curve from 60 to 70 has been smoothed out for a more fluid progression, with more information on additional tweaks coming in the next few weeks.

Lost City of Omu hits PC on February 27 with Xbox and Playstation coming at a later date.

(Source: Perfect World Press Release)

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