Takes Control of Allods Online


Players of Allods Online will soon have more friends to play with, as has announced that the firm is taking control of global hosting services for the MMO. Beginning March 18th, will take over hosting from gPotato and merge the European and American servers into one service. On the plus side, this means that players will no longer have to worry about regions carrying different game versions, except for the Russian server which will remain ahead by a small margin. On the down side, the Polish language is being dropped.

Having all European and North American players on the same servers will require the client versions to be synchronized; this puts additional pressure on the version preparation – especially on the localization of the new content. Considering all possible risks which may emerge and cause a delay with the upcoming version updates for all players, we had to make a hard decision of not supporting Polish localization starting from v.5.0.00. is committed to closing the gap between the Russian and global servers, noting in the announcement that the aim is to only have one month difference in updates.


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