MapleStory Kicks Off 14th Anniversary Event

MapleStory is turning 14 and wants you to join in on the celebrations.

From April 24 through June 12, events named after past seasonal updates will be available under the 14th Street event. Players will receive a 14th Street Fairgoer title increase their reputation and stats as they complete missions. Once all missions are complete, Maplers will receive the 14th Street Celeb medal.

In addition to the event, players will also be able to create a Pink Bean character. Players will also be able to complete the Pink Bean’s Movie Script, a set of 30 missions that award the Holy Pink Beanity Title. And finally the Big Bang Store will offer rewards for the 14th Street Coins such as new mounts, chairs, and rings. More information can be found at the official website.

Source: Nexon Press Release

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