Maplestory M Releases Mercedes, the Legendary Elf

Today marks the release of Mercedes, the legendary dual-wielding Bowgun archer elf as the latest class to be available in Maplestory M. Alongside Mercedes, Nexon is dropping the Evolution Dungeon allowing players to customize and play based on their character progression needs. In addition, class balancing for Bow Master and Dawn Warrior have been adjusted along with Guild Banquet EXP balancing.

Log in before April 4 and get your hands on an update box and TripleDillo Pets. Additional events beginning March 28 include:

  • Mercedes Burning Event – Until April 24, Mercedes characters between level 3 to 75 will be given two bonus levels each time they level up, for a total of three levels increased
  • Mercedes Growth Support Event – Until April 24, newly created Mercedes characters who reach a certain level will obtain a special Growth Support Box. Support Box items include “Sylvidia” Riding Pet, Ruler of Elves Medal, Elven Throne Chair, and additional items needed for character growth
  • Take Care of Pink Bean Event – Until April 25, a card-matching game where players must find identical cards to obtain EXP and evolve Pink Bean will be available. Depending on Pink Bean’s growth, Pink Bean themed-rewards such as Pink Bean’s Best Friend Medal, Pink’s Blessing Title, and more will be distributed

Maplestory M is available on Android and iOS.

Source: Nexon Press Release

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