Maplestory Starts Gathering of Heroes Event

Nexon today released the latest event for Maplestory. Dubbed Gathering of Heroes, the event adds the Maple Alliance outpost where players can get set up and prepare for the battle against the Black Mage. The goal of the Alliance is to gather “Determination” and power up the holy light in the outpost to be able to fight the Black Mage.

The event runs from November 14 to the 28, and rewards for the event include exclusive pets, items, beauty and money boxes. Also starting today, players can reach level 200 by participating in the Tera Burning Project event. For the duration of the event, you’ll be able to create and assign new characters as your Tera Burning Character and receive a Snail pet and gain two extra levels each time they level up until reaching 200. Characters level 61 and up can accept the Destiny Awaits quest to unlock new areas and new enemies.

Players level 200 and up will have access to Moonbridge and all of the hordes of monsters that come with it.

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