Mark Kern Responds To Departure From Red 5


Recently we learned via a leaked email from Red 5 Studios that Mark Kern had been voted out by fellow board members. In a blog post on, Kern gave his well wishes to those remaining at Red 5. As for his alleged termination, don’t believe everything you hear. Kern refers to his leadership at Red 5 as his Kobayashi Maru test, going on to use multiple film references to convey a rather vague point.

For the past twelve months, I was presented with a Kobayashi Maru test.  When that occurs, the Captain must always find his own solution.  While there have been rumors about whether I was demoted, terminated or maybe even corporately executed, I will only say this: remember that Han always shot first.  It does not matter if the person revising history is George Lucas himself, because Greedo never shot first (sorry George).

As internal office politics often go, we may never know what really happened at Red 5 Studios apart from some anonymous employee comments.


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