Marvel Heroes Omega Will Overhaul Its Omega Prestige System

The unveiling of Omega prestige for Marvel Heroes Omega wasn’t entirely positive, with many players taking umbrage with the newly introduced seventy Omega prestige levels. As each prestige level offers more power, in order to fully kit out your character, that means reaching Omega prestige and then going through the increasingly arduous leveling process seventy times, going back to level one each time, losing your powers, and having to re-gear.

As a result, Gazillion has laid out plans for omega prestige going forward, including adding the benefits of Omega up front rather than requiring players to level up over and over again to become more powerful:

Instead of removing power entirely, we are instead frontloading some of the bonuses onto Omega Prestige 1 (final values still being determined). This means that the Omega Traits will have much more potency as soon as they are acquired, and will not require any further leveling to get more powerful. All of the power gained from Omega Prestige will be given immediately, up-front.

To make omega prestige levels attractive, Gazillion will begin rewarding currency for each prestige level gained that can be redeemed for prestigious loot boxes containing boosts and other rewards. Characters who prestige will also receive scaling gear that should mitigate the grind to re-roll gear. The prestige gear will grow with the player and inevitably be replaced by higher tier gear closer to end-game.

(Source: Marvel Heroes)

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