Marvel Universe: No Customized Characters, Ever.

There is something to be said about MMOs. Specifically, MMOs have always been about creating a character (occasionally one that looks like you), and setting him loose in a world to run through their story. The more casual among us might use this character creator to push out an aesthetically pleasing avatar with generous amounts of cleavage, while the more hardcore role players may spend hours customizing every last detail down to the width, depth, and length of their character’s cheekbones, and bless them for it. Key factor is, I play my character to have his part in the overall story. In WoW, you are just another peon in the ongoing war between the Alliance and Horde. In games like Aion and Rift, your character has a bit more prominence than the simple grunts on the battlefield. In DC Universe, your character gains his powers via exobytes from Lex Luthor.

In Marvel Universe, however, players will be relegated to controlling iconic Marvel super heroes, including Spiderman, Wolverine, etc.

Players will play iconic Marvel characters, just as they do in SHSO. In fact, the game will feature more Marvel characters than any Marvel game to date. We won’t be merely “sidekicks.”

If this is Gazillion’s selling point, I’m not buying. I’ve played City of Heroes, Champions Online, and DC Universe, and all three of those have managed to allow me to create my own hero/villain and not feel like the sidekick. Hell, in Champions Online I had my own nemesis, and I even got to customize him with his own backstory, minions, powerset, and looks.

This raises a lot of questions that leave me intrigued, but not actually interested in trying out the game. Is there some form of character progression? If so, how will the story justify the heroes suddenly losing their powers and having to grind to get them back? Will there be any customization at all? How do you justify a couple thousand Spidermans running around?

Individuality is a big contender in the life and death of MMOs, and so is progression and hoarding things. What Gazillion is proposing sounds like taking DC Universe Online’s Iconic Play Mode, calling it an MMO in and of itself, and throwing it onto the internet. Actually, I should say it sounds like Super Hero Squad Online on Hard Mode.

So I guess my question to Gazillion Entertainment is this: As a free to play cash shop MMO, why should I choose your title over Champions Online? The IP? I hope that isn’t your only selling point. I’ll be waiting for this to come up as new information develops.

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  1. UnSubject says:

    I’m also waiting for more information on this, but this approach is very similar to Gazillion’s own Super Hero Squad Online (which just had a surprise launch).

    It’s a way of making MUO different, but I’m not sure it is going to get a lot of players excited about it.

  2. thebahapantee says:

    they has to add a great character customization like champions online did, and let us pick any power/outfit we want. Of course the powers i choose will determine what class(any marvel heroe or villain) i am…

    anyways…. i cant wait to roll gambit and jubilee 😉

  3. AnathemaOne says:

    There is still not a lot known about how this game will play, how the characters will progress, etc.

    After having watched the live feed Marvel/Gazillion did for the announcement of the writer, I don’t think they are making this game for MMORPG players. It sounded much more like they are targeting this game just at Marvel fans – the people that read the comics, books, or see the movies – and see it more like an additional medium to entertain those fans more than an attempt to please the general MMO player.

    As an example, they talked a great deal about covering a lot of historical ground with the gameplay, and that many of the settings or events used in the game will be recognizable to fans, and that playing one of the iconics will almost be like a “Pick-A-Path” book, so that you can play Spiderman your way through an event instead of the way he actually did it in the comic.

    As stated previously, RPGs usually are heavily reliant on character development. So far, they’ve said nothing about how that will work in-game with pregenerated iconic characters. Who knows, perhaps the method of “progression” in the game will not be based on individual character development, but instead on the development on the player him/herself (the account progresses in what bells and whistles you can give your iconics, or what content you unlock, or any number of other perks). Until they give more details, it’s all nothing by speculation.

    That’s probably the ultimate point – Marvel and Gazillion said little more than nothing during the live feed. Until they do finally start sharing some real specifics, we’re almost completely in the dark still.

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  5. Fred says:

    At least I can go ahead and write this MMO off. Not interested anymore.

    Sidekicks? I’ve never felt like a side kick in any mmo I’ve ever played. I felt like ME. While Marvel is certainly the best comic franchise, this is probably the worst idea I’ve ever heard in the realm of mmorpgs.

    What about player names? Are we going to have 10,000 Spidermans with the name SpiderMan (Fred), SpiderMan (Luke), SpiderMan (Coolio), etc?

    Worst idea ever. I’m glad they released this info now, as I don’t feel like feeding false hype.

  6. Volcanic Red says:

    They May Make Another MMO Featuring Character Creation Cause A Game Only For Core Marvle Readers This Aint Marvle Universe Online This Is Marvle Ultimate Alliance 3 As An MMO