Massive Action Game Shuts Down 1/28/14

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In all honesty, the incoming demise of Massive Action Game has been written on the walls ever since it descended to the sub-bargain bin of Gamestop where the representative gives you the choice between a free copy of the game or being shot in the chest with a pistol. In fact, you can currently pick the game up used for less than the price of a dollar menu item. Oh, and there is the minor detail that players have been unable to purchase DLC for several months, with Global PSN customer support telling them that MAG is a discontinued product and no longer for sale via the PlayStation Store. So it comes as no surprise that Sony unceremoniously announced via Twitter that the MAG servers will be brought down forever this coming January.

Advisory: Online multiplayer services for MAG, SOCOM Confrontation, and SOCOM 4 will be ending on 01/28/14

Given its 100% reliance on multiplayer, MAG as a game will be completely unplayable come next year, assuming you hadn’t already relegated the disc to coaster status by this point.

(Source: Twitter)

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