Microsoft Adopts Valve Policy: Self-Service Refunds Coming

Those of you who game on consoles know one truth to be self evident: No refunds. Game comes out that is broken, missing features, or effectively sold on lies and fraud? In that last case, Sony did at least refund No Man’s Sky buyers. Otherwise, you’re out of luck if the game runs horribly or just plain sucks. At least until now, as Microsoft is expected to add a refund system to Xbox One and Windows 10. Discovered recently in the Xbox Preview Program, Microsoft’s refund policy matches that of Steam’s to a T, offering self-service refunds for games with less than two hours played within 14 days of purchase.

Simple as that. As we said, the policy is virtually identical to Steam, as in DLC and season passes are not eligible for refunds, with some extras. You’ll need to wait at least one day post launch for a refund request, and you have to actually have downloaded and launched the app in order to request a refund. Additionally, Microsoft reserves the right to shut down refund access to those who “abuse” the system, with no direct explanation of what constitutes abuse.

(Source: Eurogamer)

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