Minecraft PvP Feud Results in 24,000 Bomb Threats Against 400 UK Schools

Sky News reports this week that hundreds of UK schools had to evacuate in response to 24,000 emails sent out carrying fake bomb threats, due to an apparent feud between Minecraft communities. As reported by Alexander Martin, Sky News was able to get in touch with one of the perpetrators who had deliberately falsified the emails so that they would appear to be from another community, VeltPvP, to schools demanding ransom payments of thousands of dollars with the threat that a bomb would be detonated inside the school if the ransom wasn’t paid. The intent, according to the participant, was to get the VeltPvP domain shut down.

Another of the alleged perpetrators attempted to justify the bomb threats as a response to allegations that VeltPvP had been attacking other servers and when asked if he felt remorse, another responded “I’m not going to lose sleep over it.”

(Source: PCGamer via Sky News)

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