MMO Fallout: Now With More Ratings!

Gustav Rancero says: Rate this article a 1 to make me more powerful.

I know what you’re all thinking: I would really like to give my feedback to this award-worthy piece of writing, but I can’t be writing out a comment when I have one hand busy with this cup, and my other hand working the mouse. If only there was a way to offer my several word thought without having to leave a comment, preferably in the form of a one to five rating system!

And I know what you’re thinking, commenters. I’d like to respond to this stupid comment, but I’m afraid that Omali will delete it or, even worse, leave it hanging in moderation limbo forever! If only there was a way that I could express my feelings about this commenter, possibly in the form of a thumb up and thumbs down.

Boy do I have something to help everyone. Introducing the brand spanking new MMO Fallout rating system! With features everyone can enjoy. Using the latest technology imported directly from the Vulcan empire, it is now possible to speak your mind without the use of your pesky keyboard. The Vulcan love it because it lacks emotion, but you can love it just as much!

Of course, comments are going nowhere, and thanks to the resentful nature of the agents I hired (They were laid off when The Matrix Online shut down), there still won’t be anything stopping you from calling me a moron, or worse! Just remember to click on each article in order to view the rating system, it doesn’t work from the front page.

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