MMO Hall of Fame Inducts Two New Games


The MMO Hall of Fame has announced the inductees for the 2015 ceremony. Out of a grand total of 173 candidates, two titles managed to sneak past the 60% requirement to make it into the hall of fame, and those games are Lineage II and Anarchy Online.

Doug Kale, curator of the hall of fame, noted the growing competition as new games are added each year.

“There was an enormous amount of competition, but after tallying all the numbers only two games reached the required 60% of the votes to enter the Hall of Fame,”

MMO Hall of Fame inductees are chosen based on contributions to the genre as well as their dedicated fans, with a voting committee made up of members of the MMO industry and gaming press.

Some of the highest voted games include Second Life, Maple Story, Toontown, and Pirates of the Burning Sea.

(Source: MMO Hall of Fame)

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