MMOrning Shots: Irathi Plague


There is a sickness going around Defiance, and I’m not even talking about the Hellbug menace. Trion has launched a mini-event in Defiance that has players finding data recorders detailing a new Irathi-born disease that has spread to humans. The event is small, has no indication on when it will end, and may spiral into a larger story related to an upcoming episode of Defiance on Syfy or possibly just fizzle out and become nothing. Who knows? I certainly don’t. All I know is that I won’t be eating my pirogi in Shondu’s Consolate for a while.

MMOrning Shots is a (mostly) daily line of screenshots from various MMOs. Most are taken in-house or come to us in press releases, but if you would like your screenshot featured, send it over to contact[at]mmofallout[dot]com with the subject “MMorning Shots.”

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