[Mobile] Marvel Future Fight Introduces Original Character Crescent

Netmarble today released an update to Marvel Future Fight introducing three new characters.

The update introduces an original character, Crescent, as well as Marvel favorites Morgan Le Fay and White Fox.

“Crescent is a 10-year old girl named Dan Bi who grew up in Korea, raised by her single father, an antiques dealer who was forced to acquire powerful artifacts for the ancient sorceress Morgan Le Fay. By touching one of the artifacts, a mystical bear mask, Dan Bi summoned a “half-moon” bear spirit named Io, who bonded with her to become her protector.”

Marvel Future Fight has previously introduced new characters including Sharon Rogers and Luna Snow to positive feedback. Today’s update introduces additional content including four new costumes, Tier-3 upgrades for Captain America (Sharon Rogers), potential realizations, heroic quests, giant boss raid improvements, and a special mission quest pack.

(Source: Netmarble press release)

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