Mortal Online Wasn’t Hacked

Here at MMO Fallout, I’ve developed a pet peeve over the distinct difference between being hacked and having an account breached. Hacking requires some amount of technical prowess to accomplish, such as exploiting a vulnerability in an sql database to retrieve a list of passwords, or in the case of NCSoft back a couple of years, using an exploit in the client to log into a random person’s character and steal their items. When someone breaches an account by way of keylogger, guessing the password, or having access to an account with higher privileges, the account was compromised, not hacked.

In the case of Mortal Online, yesterday a player obtained access to a GM account and went wild on the server, deleting structures and altering some player’s accounts. It’s important to note that the person was not able to access payment details, and apparently the extent of the damage was destroyed assets, some players had their passwords changed, and some players were banned.

So Star Vault, as they announced, had a “security breach,” but the company was not hacked as some outlets are reporting. I just want to reinforce this difference because with the recent hacking at Steam, Square, Sony, etc, the announcement that a company has been hacked is just another fear of one’s credit details being stolen.

The more you know.

(Source: Star Vault)

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