NCSoft Admits Lineage II Faults, Wants Your Feedback

Lineage II has changed greatly since launch, and as Gon Namkung of NCSoft has admitted, not all of the changes have been for the better. In a letter to the community released today, Namkung admits that changes over the years have diluted what made Lineage II unique, from the removal of elements that made classes unique, to the unbalanced economy and weakened community. Attempts to fix the overabundance and imbalance in classes has resulted in classes that have lost their unique pull, and other classes that were no longer useful to groups.

So NCSoft wants to bring Lineage II back to its former glory, and they want you to help. While Korean players have already taken the poll, NCSoft wants to ensure that the two hemispheres are tailored for different tastes. Players are asked to take a poll asking them how they would like the classes to be diversified. The options to choose from are splitting the 8 Awakening classes into 34, adding race specific traits, and choosing 3rd class skills from 3rd class counterparts.

Each option is presented with its related pros and cons. Players can head over to the Lineage II forums (at the bottom of the page linked below) to vote.

(Source: NCSoft)

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