NCSoft Tried Selling City Of Heroes, No Buyers

It’s been over a month since NCSoft announced that City of Heroes would be shutting down, and since then the community has thrown virtually every theory out there as to why there hasn’t been any news from the talks with Paragon Studios.  The question that lays on everyone’s mind is: If NCSoft isn’t willing to keep the game running, why didn’t they try selling the studio/game? As it turns out, they did try. In an announcement on the City of Heroes website, NCSoft offers a small bit of detail on what went down.

We’ve exhausted all options including the selling of the studio and the rights to the City of Heroes intellectual property, but in the end, efforts to do so were not successful. City of Heroes has a special place in all of our hearts, and we want to ensure its reputation and the memories we share for the game end on a high note.

So there is some kind of reassurance that NCSoft at least made an attempt to save City of Heroes. It may not be the answer that they want to hear, but it is an answer nonetheless.

(Source: City of Heroes)

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18 Responses to “NCSoft Tried Selling City Of Heroes, No Buyers”

  1. Incendi says:

    Ok, I have spent the past few days off and on trying to find ANY news of NCSoft offering to sell CoX, or even rumors of it. I have reached out to friends over in Taiwan, Indonesia, etc, and nothing over there for rumors either.
    The only thing I have seen so far for NCSoft trying to sell/purchase anything, has been that Valve rumor.
    So when I see them claim that they exhausted all efforts to sell the game…and when WE THE PLAYERS have offered to BUY the game…I KNOW I’m being lied to!

    • Hooded_owl says:

      LOL the players buying a MMO. lol where are the players going to get millions of dollars to purchase and the thousands of dollars to maintain it on a monthly basis and where is the money coming from to pay the developers salary, the paragon studios building maintenance taxes etc.

      To say players offered to buy the game is a joke. I love the game as much as anyone and am sad to see it go and wished it didnt but lets be realistic here.

      a BUSINESS needs to buy this product, not people who have lots of love for the game. Only a business can have the nessesary fund available to sustain the product at present and into the future.

      I would love to continue to play this game and as i have done since day 1. i have never played for free, i have always had a sub ( not that playing for free is bad..just not what i wanted to do)

      • Pyro Embryo says:

        Respectfully submitted, COHTitan has, on multiple occasions, reached out to NCSoft with requests for a bid/price that would be required to be met for purchase, and has, on every attempt, failed to recieve even a generic response to his requests. If you bothered to keep up to date on information on COHTitan, you would know this to be the truth. Tony has made no bones about the multiple ways, attempts, and avenues that he has attempted to use to get information about COHTitan purchasing the game. Please, if you’re going to respond, at least get your facts straight prior to making yourself out to be a troll…

  2. The only real news of NCSoft trying to sell was NCSoft’s announcement, as Incendi points out. Certainly NCSoft wouldn’t lie to us. That would never happen…

    Perhaps we should ask Richard Garriott, lead developer of Tabula Rasa, about that?

  3. NCSoft refused to even meet with at least two investment groups which approached them. To say that they found no buyers is a lie. I’d normally say misleading, but that is being too generous.

    To say they exhausted all options when they refused to even meet with the buyers….

  4. SiberianSpring says:

    BS… they did not try to sell. They’re just “saving face”. The SaveCoH movement isn’t dead yet, either.

  5. Mychyl says:

    Given that the player-coop offer never even got a reply, last I heard… I’m a bit curious why they’re claiming that they’ve explored selling the IP.

    Unless, of course, their idea of exploring the concept was talking about selling it around a boardroom table and deciding they’d rather not, thank you very much. If that was the case, though, why lie? Why deliberately make it sound like they’ve tried to sell it and there were no buyers?

  6. Notacatgirl says:

    I’d be interested in knowing what steps you took to verify the information given to you by NC Soft. I’d hate to think journalists were just copying and pasting press releases.

    In particular, I’d be interested in finding out:

    What attempts were made to sell Paragon Studios.

    What attempts were made to sell the IP property, and how they were exhausted.

    Why a number of potential investors who came forward to try and buy the rights, did not receive a response of any kind from NC Soft.

    How NC exhausted all the option, given that the game is not due for closure until November 30, and the fact that there have only been only 32 business days since the announcement of the ‘sunset’ of the game.

    Why NC Soft did not consider combining servers, putting the game in maintenance mode and keeping it running without further developments or updates, or allowing people to create their own, private servers.

    Why they won’t publicly name a price that they would be willing to accept for either Paragon Studios, or City of Heroes itself.
    why a game that was running ‘well in the black’ and had seen an increase in players in the months leading up to the announcement is being closed down, while games such as Guild Wars which are running at a loss, are being kept alive.

    Why NC Soft failed to respond to an invitation from players to play the game with them, or a letter from best-selling author Mercedes Lackey to endorse NC Soft products, free of charge, for a period of five to ten years, for free, if they would be willing to work with players to keep the servers online.

  7. Quinch says:

    There’s a lot of things a lot of people with a stake in what happens to CoH are willing to buy, but that line is not one of them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    A source for the whole “There were interested potentialbuyers, but NCSoft refused to talk to them” bit:

    Admittedly, I do not know anything about this site or its credibility. It does state, though:

    “Within short order, two different investment groups (speaking while protected by anonymity) claimed that NCSoft had refused to even discuss a sale, and ignored any and all offers.”

    So NCSoft is *claiming* they exhausted all resources, but there are parties out there that seem to have evidence that this is not the case.

  9. BigBlackAfrica says:

    First of all I think Notacatgirl calling the person who wrote this fiction laden puff piece NCsoft probably paid for a “Journalist” is extremely generous.

    Secondly, there is no evidence other than the PR post quoted above that NCsoft exhausted ANY options to sell the game. In fact there has been information shared through the Titan Network that serious offers from interested parties have received absolutely zero response from NCsoft.

    Thirdly, there are 46 days left until the shut down. If they were actually serious about selling the studio and/or IP they would still be open to offers. A lot of business can be done in 46 days.

  10. Lethe says:

    There were two prominent and anonymous buyers that have already come forward to give their own evidence that NC did NOT “attempt to sell” the IP. In point of fact, they said their efforts to begin discussions on the matter were outright ignored.

    Please do an edit of this very poorly researched article and update people who might think otherwise. NC did NOT “attempt” to do anything. They flat out ignored serious efforts by individuals as well as the community at large, to work toward selling the IP for City of Heroes.

    Bad reporting, not researched in the slightest. This is not the kind of thing that needs to be encouraged. There’s way more to this story than the weak and blatant lies that NC has been giving out.

  11. Jess says:

    If you exam NCSOFT as a company and do some research you will find a lot of Underhanded Sly and Unlawful attempts they have caused to many people in their Line of business. Forgery for example as one thing. Sell property that doesn’t Belong to them. Many unsuccessful attempts of Suing many other Company’s or game producers. Then Look at the manner in which they are Handling the sunset of City of Heroes. They are lying to protect themselves to shut up the rallies and protesters. “Aw we tried but failed” No they didn’t fail they just didn’t bother they had appointments set up for negotiation and they made their announce before the interview and never told them, then shut the doors when they arrived does that sound like they “Eshausted their options to Sell COH” you decide!

  12. VIRTUE:BLAND says:

    Please don’t republish press releases as fact. That’s not journalism, it’s PR.

  13. Blaq Opal says:

    The only thing NCSoft has “exhausted” lately is the patience of their fan base. We have gone to amazing lengths to prove that we love our game, and we have been met with stony silence, and THEN a letter obviously meant to placate us and get us to give up on our fight. It is a little infuriating that NCSoft believes that while we want our game to stay alive, that we are not well aware of attempts being made by outside parties to acquire the IP, and that we will be mollified with lies. The only way we can get our point across to them that they might understand is to boycott their products. Maybe when we hurt their wallets they will see how they hurt our hearts.

  14. Well, speaking as an officer of a start-up game software company who’s actually attempted to give them an offer or try to establish channels of communication to do so, I’m going to have to concur tentatively that there is a problem with NCSoft. We’d have loved an established game while we work on our own (adult) product making revenue. I’ve already done the calculations. There is some form of internal politics in the company at work here.

  15. Donna says:

    Other articles have published news that there have been at least two serious buyers for the game and NCSoft would not even talk to them.

    We’re all calling Bullshit on this one

  16. John says:

    This article is on track to receiving the “Most Misleading Title of the Year” award. NCSoft did not try to sell the game, in fact they’re flat out refusing to. Please edit for the sake of your own credibility, thank you.

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