Neverwinter AMA Answers


Neverwinter’s latest Reddit AMA was last night, and for the sake of brevity we have compiled a list of the more important/informational answers. For those of you willing to dive deep and read the full answers, you can check out the complete Reddit thread here. The overall AMA is pretty short and easily finished in under a half hour, but these are the questions that were not answered with a flat out “no,” or “I’ll make a note and send this off to the team.”

  • Kobolds may become a playable race in the future.
  • No DDOS comments for the time being.
  • Addressing class balance on a wide scale is one of the big plans for this year.
  • Changes to the Stronghold system with regards to how large/small guilds interact.
  • There are plans to make Neverwinter more alt-friendly.
  • Siege won’t return until some changes are made to it.
  • Older content is getting an itemization refresh with The Maze Engine.
  • No plans for foundry additions this year outside of bug fixes.
  • Mounts will be customizable with a stable of sorts providing buffs for players with multiple mounts.
  • Mounts will be moved to their own bag.
  • Queue improvements include large groups (24 players, for example) and private queues for PvE.


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