Neverwinter: Celebrate Gond By Making A Doohickey This Weekend

Neverwinter’s next event starts up today, in fact by the time you read this it will already be live and running. Wonders of Gond tasks players with collecting Wondrous Grommets, mechanical components that are then combined into higher tiered items. As you continue to refine the Grommets into higher tiered goods, you’ll eventually create the Doohickey, a name that I did not make up for this news piece. The doohickey can be used in battle or traded in for a Creations of Wonder Pack which in turn can be opened for rewards.

Lucky players can obtain an Apparatus of Gond mount as well as a number of other goodies from the Creations of Wonder Pack. The event run this weekend until May 22, and also happens to coincide with a double experience weekend beginning and ending at the same time.

(Source: Neverwinter)

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