Neverwinter: Leadership Suspension Hasn’t Led To In-Game Botting


I’ve talked about Neverwinter’s Gateway app, a handy tool where players can level up their crafting professions even while not in-game. Unfortunately the ease of access means that the professions tab can be used by bots to mass-produce astral diamonds via the leadership profession, which is exactly what bots have been doing in Neverwinter: Using the Gateway to mass produce astral diamonds, inflating the economy, and raising prices of goods in the process.

Last month, Cryptic decided to fight back by removing the leadership profession from the Gateway app, leading to further concerns that this would simply drive bots into the game, filling up the servers. After studying the servers, it has been concluded that there hasn’t been any significant increase in the amount of botting in-game.

We also understand your concerns regarding the cost of goods versus the amount of Astral Diamonds coming into the economy. In the short term, we are keeping an eye on the supply of Astral Diamonds to make sure it performs as expected. We will also be running multiple “2x AD” events to make sure adventurers are able to get the Astral Diamonds they need. In the long term, we are re-examining the various non-profession methods of earning Astral Diamonds. It’s important to us that playing the game rewards AD sufficiently.

(Source: Neverwinter)

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