Neverwinter VIP: $10 A Month For $37 Worth Of Keys


Perfect World Entertainment has released details on an upcoming subscription system for Neverwinter. Dubbed VIP, the subscription plan acts as both a membership and running loyalty program at the same time in that it levels up the longer a player subscribes and offers more bonuses as the months progress. To top it off, you don’t lose VIP rank if you unsubscribe, you simply start off where you left off the next time you add another payment.

What caught my eye, however, is the fact that immediately at VIP rank 1, the first, the player begins receiving one enchanted key per day for the entirety of the 30 day subscription. At the cost of 125 Zen per key, this runs to 3,750 Zen or approximately $37.50 worth of keys if you log in every single one of the 30 days and manually claim the key. 3,750 Zen worth of keys for 1,000 Zen in investment.

To top it off, if you’re the kind of hardcore person who can conceivably make 1,000 zen in less than a month by converting Astral Diamonds, you can get VIP for free. And if you get lucky and get some rare drops from the boxes you open, you could sell those on the market for Astral Diamonds and fund another month.

Just something to think about.

(Source: Neverwinter)

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