Neverwinter’s River District Offers Daily Advancement

Perfect World Entertainment has released a new developer blog discussing the River District, and a new threat from a group of wizards hell bent on taking over Neverwinter (who isn’t these days?). The goal of the River District is simple: Stop the wizards from taking control and reclaim the district for Lord Neverember. The campaign revolves around clearing enemies, assisting with efforts to rebuild guard posts and maintain security, and defending against counter-attacks from the wizards and their minions.

The goal, however, is to provide a campaign that has more content than the simple rotation of daily quests that players are used to.

The dynamic nature of the zone means more choice when it comes to completing dailies for the campaign. Rather than having several rotating quests that must be completed each day, the bulk of your daily credit simply comes from playing in the zone. You can play the territory control game with the guard posts, activate and explore treasure vaults at the dig sites, participate in heroic encounters to stop wizard rituals and counterattacks, or just defeat enemies throughout the district. Any and all of these things grant credit toward daily campaign progress.

For more information, check out the developer blog at the link below.

(Source: Neverwinter)

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