[NM] Payday 2 Announces Ethan & Hila Content Pack

Overkill Software announced this week that they will be consolidating Payday 2’s DLC into one Ultimate Edition package, consolidating dozens of heists, characters, weapons, and more into one purchase. As part of the update, Overkill also announced the release of an Ethan and Hila character pack, incorporating two popular Youtubers from the channel H3H3 Productions. H3H3 currently boasts over 3.8 million subscribers and creates content mostly around Youtube drama.

According to the official website, all sales from the character pack will go to Ethan and Hila.

The only DLC that will be available separately is the Ethan and Hila Character Pack. The subsequent revenue from the Ethan and Hila Character Pack is going straight to Ethan and Hila. We are doing this because we appreciate them and wanted to find a way to help them out financially so they can continue to do what they do best.

While Hollywood partnerships are somewhat common in the video game industry, this type of deal is surprisingly rare. Overkill Software previously struck a deal to include content from Scarface, John Wick, and Goat Simulator, to name three properties. The announcement also comes alongside the news that support for Payday 2 has been extended through October 2018.

H3H3 Productions has been embroiled in a lawsuit by Youtuber Matt Hoss for copyright infringement over their use of his footage in reaction videos.

(Source: Payday 2)

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