[NM] Sonic Mania Gets Review Bombed Over Unannounced DRM

Sonic Mania is the latest target of Steam review bombing as users leave frustrated, negative reviews to protest unannounced design decisions.

Launched on PC just yesterday, Sonic Mania is currently on the receiving end of a number of negative reviews in response to Sega’s decision to use Denuvo DRM. While Denuvo has shown to be quite divisive among the community, the news of its presence in Sonic would likely have not drawn as much controversy were it not for Sega omitting it from any advertising prior to release.

Sega has stated that the omission was a mistake and that the game being unplayable offline was entirely unintended and would be investigated along with reports of issues with controller setups. Sega Europe released a statement earlier today, deploying a patch to fix offline mode.

Denuvo is a form of Digital Rights Management that has been employed by a number of developers over the years. Its goal is to prevent piracy by performing regular checks on the copy’s legitimacy. For many titles, this protection translates to an inability to play offline, as the game will not function without a solid connection to the Denuvo servers. It appears that Sonic Mania was an unintended victim of this protection, as Sega has patched the game to function offline.

Sonic Mania still has a mostly positive rating, despite the aggravated customers.

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