[NM] Youtuber DalasReview Pulls Fur Fun From Steam After Game Flops

Youtuber Dalasreview has fully pulled his title Fur Fun from Steam barely ten months after a controversial release and virtually no response from the Steam market. Fur Fun began as a game attempting to obtain crowdfunding to produce a Banjo-Kazooie style game. When those crowdfunding attempts failed, popular Spanish Youtuber Dalasreview backed the game and helped publish it, presumably also helping fund its development.

When the game launched into early access last February, it immediately struck a negative response. People quickly discovered that stolen assets from Banjo Kazooie, Minecraft, and Mario were present in the game’s files, a public spat over whether or not Yooka-Laylee composer Grant Kirkhope had created music for the game resulted in the Fur Fun account publicly accusing him of lying on Twitter, and Dalasreview began filing frivolous DMCA takedown notices against Youtube videos critical of the game and its developer.

In all of this controversy, it looks like the only thing that people weren’t doing was actually buying or playing the game. A quick glance at the Steam charts shows that Fur Fun never once after launch managed to beat a monthly average of one user. Steam Spy indicates that the game had maybe around 717 owners as of December 31, which doesn’t account for copies that may have been given away for free. Despite Dalasreview’s 4+ million subscriber count, it looks like far more people were interested in talking about the controversy of Fur Fun than were actually willing to buy it.

The Steam announcement sounds very similar to other jilted indie devs, even ending with a “good riddance” farewell.

This is our last goodbye!
It’s been a long time trying to keep up the project alive, but it’s time to say goodbye.

Fur Fun is getting out of Steam.
Thanks to all of you for your support and kind comments.
Good riddance.

(Source: Steam)

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