[Not Massive] Capcom Quickly Rolls Back Malware Rootkit In Street Fighter V

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Capcom very quickly rolled back an update to Street Fighter V on PC meant to curb cheating on the platform. The update introduced a rootkit that, according to tech savvy users, includes a vulnerability that grants kernel-level privileges to any installed application. Capcom.sys shuts off crucial security defenses on the computer before running whatever instructions are given to it, before turning those protections back on. In short, it’s a fully open back door for hackers.

We are in the process of rolling back the security measures added to the PC version of Street Fighter V. After the rollback process to the PC version, all new content from the September update will still be available to players. We apologize for the inconvenience and will have an update on the time-frame for the PC rollback solution soon.

It is important to note that the update does not uninstall the driver if it is present, but merely no longer installs it. A user on Reddit has already offered a couple of methods of detecting and removing the driver.

Rootkits of this type are not just harmful for users, they can also be a massive liability for the companies that install them. Sony has paid out millions to settle various lawsuits over the BMG rootkit scandal from more than ten years ago that saw countless computers infected thanks to anti-piracy software on Sony music CD’s.

(Source: Steam)

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