[Not Massive] EA (Possibly) Caught Shilling Battlefield V On Eurogamer Review

Battlefield V is out, at least for EA Access subscribers and deluxe edition buyers, and reviews are already piling in. Eurogamer’s review stays in the middle, also noting that the game is launching in the glitchiest and most technically troubled state that DICE has been in since Battlefield 4.

“Battlefield 5 is a spotty experience, beset by bugs and glitches that continually pull you out of it all. The new animations don’t seem fully baked, with legs prodding out at inhuman angles and players warping through the floor, while elsewhere quirks and server lag rear their heads. I had one particular game of Frontlines the other night that, thanks to a bug that prevented the round timer working properly, went on for well over 90 minutes, ending up in a strange armistice as players got tired of shooting each other and camped peacefully under a bridge together instead.”

Eurogamer’s review received a comment by user TimidExplorer, who posted that Eurogamer’s review is “something that our industry can do without”:

A game developer being angry at the perception of another developer’s work being criticized is understandable, but TimidExplorer’s comment wouldn’t have been newsworthy if Eurogamer staff didn’t point out shortly thereafter that he was posting from an Electronic Arts computer.

“There’s no mockery intended at all – I’m writing about the game, and its war stories, and they’re simply not very good. It’s also a bit weird that you’re posting this from an EA provided ISP.”

TimidExplorer rather quickly deleted his account afterward.

(Source: Eurogamer)

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