[Not Massive] Gamestop Hyperkin Controllers Get Stuck In Customs

Hyperkin’s Duke Xbox controller is fat and sassy. How fat is it, you ask? It’s so fat that it tried to slide through customs and got stuck. Tip your waiter, I’ll be here all week.

This week was supposed to mark the launch of the Hyperkin Duke Xbox Controller, a recreation of the original Xbox controller for people with Shaq-sized hands. If you pre-ordered your controller through Microsoft, you’re doing fine. If you got your order through Gamestop, however, you might have been surprised to show up on Monday only for the store to tell you that not only was the controller not in yet, it wasn’t even in transit to the store.

Well it turns out that Gamestop’s shipment got held up by Customs. Hyperkin’s Twitter account set a new date of May 15 for delivery.

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